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Community – Care – Contribute

Triple C Comm is a rapidly growing World Class customer contact centre located in the heart of the Canadian Prairies. We provide our customers with an advanced multichannel, multilingual solutions to meet all their customer service needs.

Working at Triple C Comm will provide you with a career and an employer that caters to individual and business advancement investing in its main resources; Our Team.  We promote from within and also provide opportunities for additional training and advancement in your career

About us

Triple C Comm is a communication engagement centre located in the heart of the Canadian Prairies.  In today’s hyper-connected world our team provides a technologically advanced multichannel, multilingual approach to the customer service industry. You will find our services scalable, flexible, and very affordable.  Our cutting-edge facility can meet any and all of your customer service needs.  We handle multiple lines of business for various customers locally and around the world.  Some of the services we offer to our clients are inbound/outbound calls, email, web tickets, live chat, mail, SMS, fax, and social media services. 

Founded in 2018, Triple C Comm has grown at a rapid pace to meet with customer demand for a call centre that provides customers with World Class customer service. 

We will always remain true to our values of community, care, and contribution.

Community:  Every individual deserves the right to feel that they belong and are a part of a community.  At Triple C Comm we strive to make you feel that you are a valued, respected, and unique part of our community as an individual and as a team member. 

Care:  Part of the “World Class” experience is the ability to have a sense of care and compassion for our fellow human beings.  This genuine sense of caring translates into customer engagement both internally and externally.  It’s what we look for in a team member and it’s what we strive to deliver with every person we communicate with. 

Contribute:  Giving back is a huge part of who and what we are at Triple C Comm.  It starts right here by letting each member of our team know they are appreciated and valued.  By taking care of our team we know they will take care of our customers in return.  And as a group, we give back to our greater community by doing charity work, making donations, mentoring individuals, and anything else that can improve the quality of life for those around us.


We are a company that started from small humble beginnings with an idea that we could change an industry for the better.  Those ideas were quickly seen, identified, accepted, and now adopted by all of our satisfied customers from around the world.

Working at Triple C Comm guarantees you a career in a company where you will be valued and respected as an individual.  We understand that our company would not be where it is today or grown into what it has become without the hard work, dedication, and commitment of our employees.

If you have the drive and the passion to make a difference every day in the lives that you touch, then we want you to work with us!  Don’t just go to work.  Become an industry leader that is changing the way people think about and experience the world of customer service.  Help set a standard and not just follow one. 

We pride ourselves on our values:  Community, Care, Contribute


As an employee of Triple C Comm you can look forward to:

Working with a management team that values and respects individuals on our team as each person brings something unique to our business and our customers

Frequent staff appreciation events like catered lunches, potlucks, gift cards, celebration dinners and events. We enjoy showing our employees that they are valued and an integral part of our team and success.

Small training classes, and a buddy system so every new employee has a sense of comfort, confidence, and belonging from day one

Health and Dental benefits are available

A consistent schedule allowing our employees to maintain a work / life balance.

Internal promotions and opportunities for advancement. We always strive to make our business and our team better!

Direct Deposit – never have to wait for a paycheck or going to the bank on payday.

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